I’ve just bought my first property through one of your agents, Richard Eng, at the Signature Yishun, and I would like to commend his excellent service that made my transaction an easy one. I’m writing to commend his service because on the first day I decided to go down to the showroom for a look, it was pretty late in the evening and I was just hoping to take a look at the surrounding. Upon reaching the showroom, Richard was about to leave the car park but stopped to ask if I was intending to take a look at the showroom. And from there, he served me till way after the closing hours of the showroom. After which, in the next week, he did an excellent job of following up on the vacant units available and updating me in case the unit I was considering was sold. On the day I signed the papers, it was also another late day for him. We stayed till 10pm before all the paperwork was done. It was because of his hard work, good attitude, and good knowledge of the project that convinced me to purchase this property. Thus, my experience with Richard and ERA had been a pleasant one, and I appreciate it a lot.